I've been living in Salisbury for almost 10 years now since moving here from Southampton. It's a beautiful City and is famous for its medieval Cathedral and it's close proximity to Stonehenge.

As it's a popular tourist attraction, Salisbury is usually quite busy, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays when the market is on.

I've designed and created a few simple websites relating to Salisbury, the first of which was the Pubs in Salisbury site. It's a single column page that loads fairly quickly and it's mobile friendly. 

I carried out the SEO and optimised it as well as I could for the search engines. It's currently in second position after tripadvisor on page 1 of Google. 

What's great about living in Salisbury

For me, having access to Salisbury Cathedral, the Church of St Thomas and lovely walks along the River Avon are all good reasons for living in Salisbury. We also have a great range of pubs and restaurants in the City with the Avon Brewery being our favourite. 

I'm also fortunate to live within easy walking distance of Waitrose on Churchill Way which is a bonus.

Where I live

I live in the St Paul's (SP2) area of Salisbury and am lucky to be close to the River Avon although there are 4 more rivers that flow into Salisbury as well.

Living so close to a river can be a bit of a worry when we get heavy rain although the City has not been badly flooded for a hundred years.

I'm a dog lover and we have a rescue greyhound called Suzie. Suzie is a very sweet natured dog and has adapted well to living in a house as we're told that she used to live in a shed on an allotment.

She was retired from racing early after supposedly having a problem with one of hear rear legs. Our local vet has examined her and cannot find a problem... I guess she was just lucky.

My business in Salisbury

I run a small business in Salisbury and carry out laptop repairs for customers in and around the city. I also repair desk top computers but laptops are far more popular these days.

The traffic in Salisbury

The downside of living here is the traffic, especially around Tesco Southampton Road. There is often gridlock on the A36 in and out of Salisbury but that's just one of the joys of living here. The traffic is also very busy on the A303 around Amesbury and Stonehenge but there are ways to avoid the A303 traffic at Stonehenge if you know how.

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