I'm Andy, I'm retired and I live in the beautiful Cathedral City of Salisbury in the south of England. I've taken up writing, as a hobby, and have started a blog to keep me busy, I might even write a post about Salisbury traffic.

The City is in a great, central location with easy access to The New Forest and the south coast. It's also close to some great shopping centres such as West Quay in Southampton and Castlepoint in Bournemouth.

I used to run a small, home based, computer repair business in the City but decided to close it during the Covid-19 pandemic as it didn't seem viable anymore. I officially closed the business and informed HMRC that I was no longer operating as a sole trader. So here I am, Retired and living in Salisbury.

Salisbury Traffic

As much as I love living here, the traffic in Salisbury can be really bad at times. The queues usually start on Churchill Way East from St Mark's Roundabout and Churchill Way South (A338), with both dual carriage ways meeting at College Roundabout. 

These vehicles then all funnel into Southampton Road (A36) from College Roundabout up as far as Tesco at the Bourne Way. Once you go past Tesco and New Petersfinger Road, the traffic seems to thin out and it's usually a clear drive to the Alderbury Bypass.

I Moved To A New Home In Salisbury

Photo of Salisbury Cathedral by Andy Watts

In mid 2020 I was also offered the opportunity to move to a different part of Salisbury and to somewhere where it was going to be cheaper to live for someone of modest means.

I went to look at the property on the Friday and was given a few days to think about it. I knew full well that there was a waiting list so if I didn't take it, someone else would be moving in instead of me.

I'd had my name down for this property for a number of years but I was suddenly faced with having to make a decision about moving home fairly quickly.

I thought about it over the weekend and decided that, yes, it would be a good move to make. I then had a huge clear out, arranged for a 'man and van', packed my bags and said good bye to my old address in Salisbury. I now live in the Lower Bemerton area and couldn't be happier.

Before Moving To Salisbury

I originally come from the Southampton area but I notice that it's become very much busier since I moved to Salisbury, It's a little bit overwhelming when you're used to living in a small City like this but it can be handy for shopping sometimes. I did go to Ikea in Southampton recently to pick up an office chair, delivery was going to be £15 so we thought we'd take a drive down. It was a very efficient click and collect system and we'd certainly use it again.

When I was in the Southampton area, after leaving school, I served an apprenticeship at Vosper Thornycroft in Woolston. After I left there, I did a few other jobs and then ended up as a BT telephone engineer in the early 90s. I really enjoyed helping people with their phone problems. As you may know, the people who install and maintain telephone lines are now called Openreach engineers.

Salisbury Blog

I've recently created my Salisbury Blog and I'm busy writing articles (posts) that I can publish on the site.

I did consider using the Blogger.com platform from Google but, in the end, I created a website with Wordpress.org. It was fairly simple to do and went as follows; I registered a new domain name and created a database from the control panel (CP) at my webhosting account. I followed the instructions on the Wordpress site, downloaded the latest copy of their software and followed their 5 minute installation tutorial.

I've also installed the Yoast SEO plugin which is great for helping me to optimise the blog posts that I've been writing. It's a popular aid to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and monitors that amount of words that I've written for a post as well as key word (key phrase) density. Hopefully my articles will rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPS) depending on the competition.

Salisbury Blog Articles

I've written a few articles for my blog but the one getting the most hits so far is about the possibility of Primark coming to Salisbury. The whole of Salisbury seems to be very keen in the idea of having a discount clothing store in the City centre.

Thanks for reading.
Kind regards,
Andy In Salisbury : Blog Writer : Retired