How To Become A Radio Ham

Here is a little story about how to become a radio ham. Well, that’s what I did to get issued with a license to transmit. I became interested in amateur radio back in the early 90s, I’d recently moved house and the chap opposite had a large aerial in his garden. It turned out that … Read more

Hack Green WebSDR : Radio Hams Online

The Hack Green WebSDR is a great way to listen to radio hams online. It’s really useful if you’re unable to erect HF aerials at home. The SDR is really easy to operate and allows users to listen to any of the amateur bands. It covers 160M (Topband) all the way to 17Meters. There is … Read more

G7MJV : Returning To Amateur Radio

I’m Andy, G7MJV (IO91CB), and I’m in the process of returning to amateur radio after a very long break. I don’t think it’s going to be easy as I live in a first floor retirement flat. I have been listening to other hams from around the world on the Hack Green WebSDR but I want … Read more

Stonehenge Traffic Delays

Stonehenge traffic delays cause misery for motorists, especially west bound beyond Amesbury and are virtually impossible to avoid without upsetting a lot of people. There have even been reports of motorists stopping and getting out of their cars to take photos. This lack of driving care just increases the chances of an accident. The traffic … Read more

Living In Salisbury

I’ve been living in Salisbury, a medieval Cathedral City in the south of England, for over 15 years now and have no plans to move away. I used to run a small computer repair business, which I really enjoyed, but am now enjoying early retirement. It’s a fabulous city, although more of a market town, … Read more

Andrew Watts : Salisbury, Wiltshire

My name’s Andrew Watts and I live in the Cathedral city of Salisbury in Wiltshire UK. I used to be a self employed computer repair technician but decided to take early retirement some time ago. My journey to early retirement began during the Covid pandamic. I was running a small business from my home and … Read more